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As a college preparatory school, Oak Mountain Academy focuses on academic excellence at every level. Our commitment to excellence has earned the Academy a reputation as an academically rigorous school devoted to developing the whole child. Oak Mountain Academy is a school where children grow and excel, where opportunities are explored, and dreams encouraged.

At Oak Mountain Academy we strive to equip our students with the academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional skills they will need all of their lives. The Academy offers an environment that nurtures the individual student's psychological, social, and academic development in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. OMA students conduct themselves according to the Academy’s Honor Code, affectionately known as “The Warrior Way,” of honesty, respect, and responsibility. Oak Mountain Academy fosters the intellectual, moral, and ethical development of our students. Every area of the Academy's programs stresses the fundamental values of integrity, honesty, self-discipline, community responsibility, compassion, and love of knowledge.

Upon graduation, students are prepared for both college and the world beyond. Graduates return often, remembering OMA for the important role it played in their lives. Friendships that last a lifetime, teachers who make a difference, pride in and loyalty to the traditions celebrated over 60 years: these are the hallmarks of an Oak Mountain Academy education.