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College Counseling

The College Counseling Office serves OMA families through the journey that is known as the college process (research, visits, and applications). With the merit of the individual student and our guidance, it is not uncommon to find Oak Mountain Academy graduates in the classrooms of some of the nation’s premier colleges and universities.

The college process is an educational journey that culminates with the student’s final years at Oak Mountain Academy. We believe it is a collaborative journey among the student, family, and OMA.  The students are encouraged to assume a sense of responsibility during the process of college applications, thus facilitating the preparation by the student for independence, decision making, and life beyond the Mountain. Parent support and involvement is encouraged while simultaneously guiding the students to accept responsibility for the successful completion of the college process.

Finding the "best fit" college emerges as one of the most important and exciting experiences of a student. The College Counseling Office serves as both a resource and a service to OMA families. Guiding students through the process with regular and realistic communication is key to the success of the college counseling process. Additionally, the College Counseling Office strives to make the college decision of our students an informed, inspired, and successful journey. This is achieved through one-on-one student meetings, parent meetings, college fairs, an annual "College Trip," and a dedicated approach to assisting students throughout the college application progression. I am thrilled to serve our OMA families as they embark on this exciting time.  

Go Warriors! 

Ms. Constien

College Visits On the Mountain

The purpose of Oak Mountain Academy hosting a college visit is to give students an opportunity to learn more about a specific college or university. It is the perfect time to ask questions pertaining to academics, student life, athletics, etc. During the visit, the representative will give a small presentation about who they are and then have an open Q&A time. Students are encouraged to ask any and all questions of each representative.

Sign-up sheets for visits are on the College Counseling bulletin board. For remote learners, simply email Ms. Constien to receive the Zoom link to participate. 

Visiting Prospective Colleges

One of the most important parts of the college search is visiting prospective colleges. Many colleges have limited campus visits or offer virtual campus visits. To inquire about a college visit, contact Ms. Constien for her guidance or the Office of Admissions at the prospective college to learn about visiting policies.

OMA offers an annual "College Trip" for current 9th - 11th grade students, generally during the Spring semester. Students have the opportunity to visit several campuses to get a better perspective of possible college options. This trip always proves for a fun and educational way for students to learn and grow.   

College Fairs

Typically, the fall is a time where students would have the opportunity to attend in-person college fairs, but many have moved to virtual fairs. Taking advantage of these virtual opportunities can provide insightful information about prospective colleges! Virtual fairs do require registration prior to attending. In the right column, are some FREE virtual college fair links for you to consider joining:

Refer to the OMA Calendar (highligted in green) for scheduled visits On the Mountain.

Warriors - Stay Informed:

Remind App: Quick reminders of meetings, important dates, college visits, etc.

Email: Both personal and OMA accounts used (if listed in RenWeb/FACTS).

Face to Face: In-person or virtual appointments.

Bulletin Board: Important details posted on the College Counseling bulletin board.

Contact Ms. Constien:

Email: alesaconstien@

Phone: 770-834-6651 (ext. 106)

Office Hours: M-F 7:30am-4pm, by in-person or virtual appointment only