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Head of School

Dear OMA Community,

I strongly believe that a solid foundation rooted in quality education is essential for any individual to build a successful and prosperous life. Within a safe, open, and supportive educational setting, students at Oak Mountain Academy are encouraged to problem solve in order to learn the tools and skills necessary to survive in the world today. The teachers and staff at Oak Mountain Academy utilize diverse instructional methodologies and a variety of performance-based activities engaging students while addressing their individual learning styles. When individuals are engaged, learning occurs, personal connections are made, and inspiration blossoms.  

Our overall goal as educators on the mountain is to instill in students a desire to learn, a passion for new endeavors, and an unshakable faith-based foundation for life. Having these skills will automatically provide endless opportunities for them to realize their dreams and become successful, productive members in our society. Through the educational setting, we hope to provide the time, space, knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for any individual to realize any dream and become successful and prosperous.

I invite you to explore our web site and hope that you obtain a strong sense of our school’s mission and values. I also encourage you to visit our campus to see us in action! Thank you for taking an interest in Oak Mountain Academy and I hope to see you on the mountain soon!


Mr. Patrick J. Yuran

Head of School