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2024-2025 Community Partners

2024-2025 Community Partners

The Community Partners is a group of dynamic and philanthropic community businesses that support Oak Mountain Academy's mission and vision. As a Community Partner, your business will receive brand exposure across all major OMA events, including parent programming, reaching a wide audience of hundreds of attendees. This exposure will not only enhance your brand's visibility but also demonstrate your commitment to the local community. More importantly, your support will positively impact the lives of our students as they pursue excellence and develop into servant leaders of tomorrow.

Important Facts
OMA serves approximately 200 families and maintains an open enrollment policy throughout the year, emphasizing the accessibility and inclusivity of our community. 
OMA Athletics offers a continuous and widespread impact with year-round sports such as basketball, archery, and tennis, hosting many visitors throughout the year. These events attract a large audience, providing excellent opportunities for brand exposure and community engagement.
OMA provides rental opportunities for our community and increases the scope of advertising for our local community in the West Georgia area.

Your commitment now ensures that you benefit fully from the program and reduces multiple solicitation requests to only ONE!


Become a Community Partner

Companies, foundations, and families can become Community Partners at any time during the academic year, but the optimal time is in the fall to receive all the benefits. 

If you or your business is interested, please get in touch with Maria Smith at