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Continuous Enrollment

Continuous Enrollment FAQs

No, signing the Continuous Enrollment Contract does not bind you to remaining at OMA through graduation. OMA's Admissions Office will assume a student is returning under the contract, unless parents inform the Head of School, in writing, prior to the "opt out deadline" period. (See Continuous Enrollment Contract for details).

Changes in circumstances, including moves or financial changes that occur between the re-enrollment deadline and the start of school, will be handled on a case-by-case basis with the Head of School and OMA Business Office. OMA is committed to supporting families through times of change and transition.

No. Each student and family are required to abide by the provisions and policies set forth in the OMA Parent Student Handbook. Enrollment is contingent upon the successful completion of the current academic year (at OMA or elsewhere), and must be in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing, as determined by OMA.

Tuition Assistance applications must be submitted each year by the stated deadline to be eligible.

Yes. Families with more than one child enrolled at OMA, will need to sign a contract for each child. When an additional student enrolls from your family, a new Continuous Enrollment Contract will need to be signed for that student during the first year of enrollment.

Yes. Both parents are required to sign the Continuous Enrollment Contract. In single parent / guardian or sole custody households, where only one parent makes educational and/or financial decisions, only one signature is required.

Re-enrollment in subsequent years will include a brief Tuition Fee and Discount List and Enrollment Addendum (when needed) outlining tuition rates, deposit and due dates, and payment plan options. Each family will also be asked to update demographic information and maintain current student information in the FACTS / RenWeb system.