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College Counseling

The College Counseling department serves OMA families through the many aspects of college and university research, visits, and applications. With the merit of the individual student and our guidance, it is not uncommon to find Oak Mountain Academy graduates in the classrooms of some of the nation’s premier colleges and universities.

The college process is an educational journey that culminates with the student’s final years at Oak Mountain Academy. We believe it is a collaborative journey among the student, family, and OMA. Yet students are encouraged to assume a sense of responsibility during the process of college applications, thus facilitating the preparation by the student for independence, decision making, and life beyond the Academy. Parent support and involvement is encouraged while simultaneously guiding the students to accept responsibility for the successful completion of the college admission process.

Knowing that choosing the “best fit” college emerges as one of the most important and exciting experiences of a student, the Office of College Counseling serves as both a resource and a service to OMA families. Guiding students through the process with regular and realistic communication is key to the success of the college counseling process. Additionally, through parent meetings, student interviews, college fairs, an annual college tour week, and a dedicated approach to assisting students throughout the college application progression, the College Counseling Office strives to make the college decision of our students an informed, inspired, and successful journey.

Some Q&A time with our College Counselor, Mr. Louttit:

Q: "What does it mean to be the College Counselor at OMA?"

"As the college counselor I strive to help students find the college or university that best matches their individual strengths and interests. I am dedicated to guiding each and every Warrior through the college selection and application process.  A big part of my job is to provide students with opportunities to learn about their college options through meetings, hosting college representatives on our campus, and arranging college visits.  I then work with students to help them build individualized college lists based on their priorities, profile, and interests.  I advise students about the college entrance process and assist students with the completion of their application. I also discuss strategies and advice regarding standardized testing options, college essays, recommendation letters, early admissions, Honors programs, and merit scholarships." 

Q: "What do you enjoy most about your job?"

A: "I am so fortunate to get to work with the amazing young people at Oak Mountain Academy. I really enjoy helping to guide students through their college search and seeing where they end this part of their journey. Getting to work with high school students during a very challenging time is very fulfilling and inspiring. What I love most about my work is that every student is different, and working with them gives me an opportunity to get to know them in a unique way and help them find a place where they will thrive.  The best days are when a student comes in beaming from ear to ear after receiving a college acceptance. It is wonderful to see their hard work and determination pay off."

Q: "What is your advice to students?"

A: "Try and discover your passions and engage in areas that are of interest for you. Taking the time to figure out where your interests, strengths, and weaknesses lie will help you find a college that is a great fit.  Do the best that you can in the classroom and don’t let any small setbacks deter you from following your path."

For questions, email Mr. Louttit at

"Do the best that you can in the classroom and don’t let any small setbacks deter you from following your path."

Mr. Jay Louttit

Mr. Louttit has been a member of the OMA family since 2007. He has served in many roles in his 12 years here including Middle & Upper School Social Studies and History teacher, Academic Team coach, Model UN advisor, and History Bowl coach.

Outside of his teaching duties, Mr. Louttit provides an invaluable service to our students as College Counselor. 

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