The mission of Oak Mountain Academy is to provide a challenging
college preparatory education in a safe, positive, and nurturing
family environment. We commit to join sound learning with
ethical, spiritual, and physical development to produce a
responsible citizen who is prepared to be a
leader in tomorrow's global community.

Campus Life


With a current enrollment of over 200 students, Oak Mountain Academy seeks excellence in intellectual, spiritual, and social growth. Integrity and ethical behavior are strongly encouraged through the Warrior Way of honesty, respect, and responsibility, as well as the OMA Honor Code.  Academically qualified applicants are admitted without regard to race, creed, color, gender, or national and ethnic origin.


As a college-preparatory academy, students experience a rigorous curriculum designed to enhance higher-order thinking skills, fostering growth as independent, lifelong learners.


The numerous extra-curricular activities provided at the Academy allow students to pursue excellence through a variety of different opportunities. Whether joining one of the many clubs, an athletic team, or literary competition, students develop skills and relationships that they will carry with them after their years at OMA. The Academy encourages all students to explore a variety of different activities both in and out of the classroom.


Finally, community service is an integral part of the life of a student at Oak Mountain Academy. Beginning in the lower school and culminating as a 60-hour graduation requirement, students participate in a variety of projects serving the greater good.