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Alumni Profile: Billy B. Barnett, Class of 2000

December 10, 2019
By Katie Kilgore

Billy B. Barnett, Oak Mountain Academy Class of 2000, reflects on his time on The Mountain and his reason for sending his children to OMA. Billy remarks, “When I came to OMA at the end of my 8th grade year, the environment took me by complete surprise!  I was surrounded by highly intelligent and supportive peers.  As a result, I did not want to fall behind.  It made me try harder to succeed, to make sure that I fit in with my peers.  This is THE reason that I elected to send my children to OMA.  As an OMA student you are surrounded by success and exceptionalism, and it WILL rub off on you.”

Success and exceptionalism has “rubbed off” on Billy too, as he is now Head of the Regional Division and Sales running 36 trucks with East-West Express located in Villa Rica, Georgia.  Billy’s path to success came from completing his college education at University of West Georgia and immediately following graduation, accepting a position in Jacksonville, Florida as an Escrow Officer with a law firm. While working in Jacksonville, his path crossed with his now wife, Ashley, and he knew that he needed to move closer to her, as she was already employed at East-West Express.  He began with East-West as a Sales Representative and well, “the rest is history,” as he states.

Billy says his family drives him to succeed these days.  His daughter, River Volk and son, Boswell Barnett, both current OMA students, along with his wife, are his continued inspiration.  Billy says, “I value my wife and kids more than anything else.  You can take my job, money, motorcycles, and stuff away, and I will be just as happy then as I am now; as long as I have my family.”

When asked about his favorite memory from attending OMA, Billy says that he cannot just name one “favorite.” “That being said, the trips were always amazing.  Whether it be a sports trip, college visit, etc., these were always highlights,” explains Billy.  Billy still keeps in touch with his classmates from his time at Oak Mountain Academy.  “With some classmates, I text with them daily.  I speak to several on a regular basis, and I keep up with a large number of them via social media.  The number of friends from OMA that I am still close with, initially amazed my wife,” he mentions.

If you ever get the chance to spend much time with Billy, you will see that his personality exudes excitement. He truly enjoys his motorcycle hobby, which also includes offering advice to friends across the globe on motorcycles, gear and the like.  “I ride and collect motorcycles with a specialized interest in speed.  I am as comfortable doing 55mph down a country road, as I am fully leaned sideways on the track in a hairpin, then accelerating to 180mph down a straightaway,” Billy exclaims!  Another exciting part of Billy’s life is his opportunity to serve on the “Dream Team” at Lifegate Church located in Villa Rica. Billy mentions, “People helping others is one of the most inspirational things a person can witness.”

As success continues to be a theme in Billy’s life, he notes, “I measure my success by how successful I make those around me.” As Billy approaches the 20th anniversary of his graduation from OMA, he still remembers the success and exceptionalism that was offered to him on The Mountain.  Spend some time with Billy, and it may just “rub off” on you too.

Faculty Profile: Ms. Marvia Miranda, Middle School Dean

December 10, 2019
By Katie Kilgore

If you have spent any amount of time in the OMA Middle School, then you have been greeted by a friendly and welcoming smile from Ms. Marvia Miranda, our Middle School Dean.  Ms. Miranda has been leading the Middle School faculty and students for the last 4 ½ years.  She is passionate, personable, and calls each of these students, “her kids.”  She truly means what she says about taking care of “her kids” on an individual level.  Her genuine care reaches far beyond the students and deep into the heart of each family whom she serves, specifically in the Middle School, but also across our entire school community.

Ms. Miranda originally came to Oak Mountain Academy in 2009 as a Lower School and Middle School Spanish teacher.  Ms. Miranda’s career path from Physical Therapist to classroom teacher may seem non-traditional; however, her heart for encouraging and teaching others remains consistent. Her time spent on The Mountain can be best qualified from what the Middle School faculty team says about her.  Mrs. Linda Powers, current math teacher states, “Ms. Miranda has many qualities and attributes which aide in her amazing leadership of our Middle School. Here is a modest list of our team’s thoughts about her: caring, encouraging, gold, influential, has it together, compassionate, helpful, and thorough.”

Throughout Ms. Miranda’s time at OMA, she has been instrumental in expanding the Foreign Language curriculum, designing/implementing the current Middle School house system, leading students on international trips, establishing various clubs including Chess, Spanish, and International, and broadening the Middle School enrichments to include technology, STEAM, and researched-based writing along with study and life skills courses. She has also taught all levels of Spanish classes to Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School students.  Her passion for the language and Spanish culture reaches beyond the classroom and permeates the hearts of each of her students.

There are so many things that can be noted about Ms. Miranda, but at the end of the day she can be summed up one word, a word that can be found in our OMA Mission – “serve” and serving she has done!  She has also inspired students and faculty to do the same.  Her acts of kindness and service go beyond the classroom and the hallways.  She has also been “found” mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms, taking pride in the surrounding space wanting it to be pristine for our students and visitors, alike.  She beams when you ask her about “tutoring,” which she likes to call “adding to” or “enhancing” the students learning.  Ms. Miranda has stated, “these students want more (academically), so I want to offer that opportunity to them.”  She has even been known to have a class of one student in order to meet the need.

Ms. Miranda states, “With a heavy heart, I am sharing with you that I will be leaving OMA at the end of December 2019. I will continue to serve our OMA Family until my last day of employment. My family and I will be moving to Miami to be with my father, who has suffered two strokes, the most recent one occurring this fall. I am grateful for all the great memories and all the blessings throughout my time at OMA. I am deeply thankful for having had the opportunity to be a part of your child's life and learning experiences.”

As Ms. Miranda continues her life journey which is taking her away from The Mountain, we will surely miss her smile and warmth felt in the Middle School.  However, we will continue to serve our school and community as we know that she would encourage us to do. “Ms. Miranda’s ten years of service on The Mountain will be a lasting tribute to the unforgettable impact she has had in the lives of our students…her legacy will continue to live on here at OMA,” Mr. Yuran, OMA Headmaster, states. We look forward to welcoming her back home at any time that she can come and visit us.

Faculty Profile: Dr. Doug Moore, Lower School Dean

November 05, 2019
By Katie Kilgore

Doug Moore is a drummer, a woodworker, a husband, father and grandfather, and a retired music teacher turned public school administrator. His most recent addition to his impressive resume is Lower School Dean of Oak Mountain Academy.

Doug Moore always knew he wanted to teach music. The details of that career path started to fall into place when in the eleventh grade he saw the Jacksonville State University marching band play at a band competition. “When I saw their drumline, I said ‘I’m going to play there,’” he fondly remembers.

And that is exactly what he did. Doug attended JSU, played in the band, and sang in the choir. When he graduated with a degree in music education, he became the first college graduate in his family.

Doug grew up in the country on a farm in Coweta County with cows and corn fields where he spent his afternoons fishing in the farm pond. His father worked for 45 years at the same company, Brown Steel Contractors. Doug says of his dad, “He is a worker and a person of strong integrity. He taught me to stay busy and keep your word.” Hard work and integrity must run in the family. And, it turns out, music also runs in the family.

Doug’s maternal grandfather was a music minister, his paternal grandfather directed music at a church on a volunteer basis, and both his mom and grandmother are pianists.

In 1981, Doug returned to Coweta County where he taught middle and high school band for 22 years. He beams with pride when he talks about those days where he took bands to competitions across the country - from Miami to Washington DC to Pasadena, California.

Doug decided to advance his career by enrolling at the University of West Georgia in the Masters of Educational Leadership program. He entered his masters program with no real intention of going into administration, but he says the more he learned about leadership the more he connected with administrators. Like an administrator, a band director has many more responsibilities beyond teaching a specific content area. Being a band director meant teaching students so much more than how to play their instruments. He developed relationships with students in and out of school and had the opportunity to teach them life skills and values.

His first job as an administrator was at Canon Gate Elementary School in Newnan. He later served as an Assistant Principal and then Principal at Newnan High School and finally as the Director of Operations and Safety for the Coweta County School System before retiring.

When Doug retired after 38 years in public education, he did not have intentions of returning to work in a school.  But when he ran across the job posting for the Lower School Dean position at Oak Mountain Academy, he decided to “look into it.”

As Lower School Dean, Dr. Moore is responsible for 16 staff and faculty members and 94 students from Pre-K 3 thru fifth grade. His day begins by opening the building before teachers arrive. Around 7:30 a.m., he joins a group of dedicated parent volunteers to greet students and pump them up for their school day. The rest of his day is spent in classrooms watching teachers “do their magic” and taking care of administrative responsibilities.

His favorite part of the job is one many of us could guess - interacting with the students.

“When I started working in administration and got out of the classroom, it was a struggle to lose that daily interaction with kids.” Being the Lower School Dean at OMA allows him to be in administration and develop relationships with the students. “Being able to know every kid’s name and interact one-on-one with each student from 3 years old through 5th grade … it’s pretty cool.”

Accountability is one of Dr. Moore’s biggest priorities for his students. “We set the bar high for our students both in their academics and their behavior. We talk about the Warrior Way a lot,” he says pointing to a sign on his office wall that outlines the Warrior Way - Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. “Every student in this school should be able to tell you what the Warrior Way is, and how they will accomplish it.”

When he isn’t “On the Mountain,” Dr. Moore stays busy. He is a freelance percussionist, and he has played with the Carrollton Jazz Orchestra and the Rome Symphony. He and his wife are active in their church where he plays bass guitar and assists with the choir. He is a woodworker and enjoys building furniture. On the weekends, he and his wife can usually be found “glamping” in their fifth wheel camper or playing with their three grandchildren.

As Dr. Moore reflects on his first few months with us, he comes up with a few words compelling words to describe his journey so far. “We are surrounded by wonderful schools in our area. It comes down to the culture created by the students and the teachers that are unique to this place. It’s such a positive culture and family environment and I see why people bring their kids here.”

Delisa Gledhill, 1st grade teacher and former Lower School Dean, was asked about her thoughts with Dr. Moore’s addition to our team. She stated, “Dr. Moore is such a considerate and thoughtful leader, and I am so glad he is here!”

He may be a new addition to the Oak Mountain Academy family, but it seems like he has been here for years!  You would be hard pressed to find a better example of the “Warrior Way” than you can in Doug Moore.

Alumni Profile: Wes Mayer, Class of 2009

October 04, 2019
By Lauren Ledbetter

Wes Mayer’s office is literally a zoo.

A 2009 graduate of Oak Mountain Academy, Wes is now the Communications and Social Media Specialist at Zoo Atlanta.

After graduating from OMA, Wes attended the University of Georgia where he earned a degree in journalism. His first job out of college was with the Newnan Times-Herald where he was a public safety beat reporter writing about arrests, fires, and court cases in the Newnan area. Because his dad was an Assistant District Attorney for Coweta County, Wes was able to make quick relationships with the important people on his beat – police officers, fire fighters, and people at the jail and courthouse.

After about two years at the Times-Herald, Wes was ready for a change. He landed a job in the communications department at Zoo Atlanta. In his current role, he manages the zoo’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and produces their internal newsletter aptly named Paw Prints. In addition to keeping the zoo’s social media presence chock full of adorable animals, he is also responsible for writing content about the zoo’s conservation efforts.

Outside of work, Wes enjoys boxing and drawing commissioned pieces of (guess what!?) … animals!

Reflecting on his time as a student at OMA and how it has helped him in his career, Wes says, “Because Oak Mountain [Academy] is so small, you grow up so close to everyone which has helped me be able to get along with a small group of people working in close proximity to each other. That has been really helpful in my professional life because I know how to create meaningful relationships with the people I work with,” he says.

Although Wes said he always imagined a career in something more technology-focused like video game design, he says he enjoys using his creativity in his role at the zoo.


Check out Wes’ art on Instagram @wesmayerart.

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These guys have been studying weather this year as they build and rebuild their forts.

 WOW~Our K-kids raised almost $1,500 to fight against tetanus for mothers and babies in other countries!


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Congrats to 8th grader Brian Bain nominated by Coach Barkley & selected to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum Explore STEM this summer!  Way to go Brian!  Way to go Gavin Pate - winner of the Middle School Geography Bee - pictured with Mr. Jay Louttit. Great job Gavin!


Congrats to 2018 Homecoming Queen & King - Josie Francis & Darshan Patel & Prince & Princess - John Sammons & Zoe Cangemi

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The Oak Mountain Academy Student Government Association has chosen the following themes for the “dress-up” days for Homecoming Week – January 8 – 13, 2018:

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Wednesday – “Freak Out” – Dress wacky-tacky.

Thursday – “Space Out” – Dress in outer space attire (this year’s Homecoming theme).

Friday – “All Out” – Dress in OMA spirit wear.
Reminder – No weapons – real or play, camouflage, or anything offensive to others will be permitted.



This year, we are introducing a new major fundraiser - the 2018 OMA Warrior Boosterthon Fun Run! It’s a 9-day program coordinated by Boosterthon that kicks off with a Pep Rally on Tuesday, January 9, 2018. Families will then gather pledges for every lap their student(s) runs (30 – 35 laps), and we’ll celebrate at the Fun Run on Friday, January 19, 2018. With our big goal of raising $20,000 for Oak Mountain Academy’s annual operating costs and program resources for the development of an OMA STEM and STEAM program, we asked the Fun Run experts at Boosterthon to power our Fun Run and make it more profitable, easier, and fun.

Students will also experience an amazing character theme, CASTLE QUEST! An English-castle theme all about being brave and living with character. On their quest to regain Bravemore Castle, students will learn the “SIX VIRTUES of a TRUE HERO” from a cast of colorful characters.

Donations will go toward Oak Mountain Academy’s annual operating costs and program resources for the development of an OMA STEM and STEAM program and to the entire 9-day experience. So please help our school by reaching out to sponsors. Also, all families are invited to come out and cheer on their student(s) at the Fun Run! Thank you for your support!

Contact Brandy Carlile for more information at

Some of our lower school students will participate in First Lego League's Hydro Challenge 2017 this Saturday. The team members designed a robot, then programmed it to perform specific tasks for the tournament. They will make a presentation about what they have learned and how they have applied the core values of Discovery, Inclusion, Integration, and Coopertition™. Finally, they chose a real-world problem and decided upon a solution for this problem. Our students chose dirty drinking water as their problem, then designed a water filter using easy-to-find items. The team was happy to see that their water filter worked!  Special Thanks to the parents of this team and Mrs. Linda Powers and Teresa Mason for helping tremendously!

Annual Christmas Program

Monday, December 4th at 6:00 in the Gym

Students should arrive at 5:30.

December 1st - polar express day
December 15th - noon dismissal for all students
January 13th - Homecoming
January 18th - STEAM night for LS from 5-7


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Our team of five Middle School "Water Warriors" were back in the pool on November 14th with the first meet of the season at Georgia Tech's McCauley Aquatic Center. Colin Stuart achieved all personal best times and a 2nd place finish in the 100 yd Freestyle and a "team of one" overall 7th place out of 11 teams in the Boys division. Anna Bartlett, Josephine and Lauryn Glass and Maddie Kubik competed in our first girls' relay in many seasons! The Girls team took 8th place overall. Way to swim Warriors!!

Thanks to everyone for making our Annual Grandparents' Day a success!  It was a wonderful way to celebrate our Grandparents and Special Friends here On the Mountain!

Congrats to Caz Kilgore on being chosen as the Middle School Student of the Quarter.

3rd Grade class field trip to The Little White House


Another 1st Place WIN for the JV Academic Bowl team!  Way to go WARRIORS!

Doing our Part - 6th graders cleaning up part of the Greenbelt!



OMA One Act Play takes 2nd place in Region competition.  They will move on to compete at the State competition in mid-November and again perform "Tracks."  Two students, Alex Talley and Ruby Hembree, both recieved "Best Performer" awards.  Way to go!

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The Warrior Challenge 5K and Fun Run was a huge success!  Thanks to all who came out to enjoy our trail and campus.  Click to view photos and official race times.


The Flag Football Tournament sponsored by the SGA (Student Government Association) was tons of fun!  Lots of laughs, touch-down moves, and a few bruises came from this great event.  Thanks to all who participated (especially our cheerleaders)!


Watch and Enjoy our Celebration of the MS Cross Country & Varsity Soccer State Champions - 2017

Parade of Champions Parade

Middle School Cross Country and Varsity Soccer State Champions Celebration Parade on our campus!  What a fun day!

WHAT A SEASON!  UNDEFEATED STATE CHAMPIONS!  GO WARRIORS! Click here to order your State Championship Tee!

News from the Development Office:

2016-2017 Annual Report – coming soon!

SSO Tax Credit donations are now being accepted for 2018 – click here for more information.

2017-2018 Annual Fund Campaign is in full swing – Blue Books are currently in circulation. Thank you for supporting Oak Mountain Academy!

VolunteerME website – the final changes are underway and soon you will have an online resource for anything and everything about volunteering at OMA. Stay tuned!

SAVE THE DATE: OMA’s 30th Annual Auction & Gala, March 10, 2018 at Sunset Hills Country Club. This year’s theme is a return to the 1980’s, where we will “PARTY LIKE IT’S 1988”.


Contact Brandy Carlile for Development questions at

Middle school Cross Country takes State Title!  GO WARRIORS!

Service to others - Greenbelt Clean-up.  A vital part of who we are at OMA!

2017 Savannah Barber Scholarship Recipients named!  Congratulations and many thanks to the Barber family for their continued support of OMA Academics!

Ruby Hembree, Mr. Ken Barber & Olivia Byers

Look for OMA in the news:  Facebook, Instagram, The Carrollton Menu, Star News, Times-Georgian, News & Views, West Georgia Women's Magazine & other community sponsorships & civic organizations.


Our Warriors Volleyball Team took 2nd place in the State Finals!  They played with heart and determination.  Way to go Girls!

 Thanks to all who supported our 2017 Warrior Golf Classic at Sunset Hills.  It was a perfect day for golf and supporting our OMA Athletics.  For more photos click - Warrior Golf Classic Photos.

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JV Academic Team Wins 1st (6-0 Undefeated) at the GATA Tournament. Way to go!

FALL FESTIVAL was a hit again this year!  Thanks to the PVA for heading up this fun event!

Stand-out Students go the extra mile! They consistently act like a Warrior; they are respectful, honest, & responsible. The are never tardy & always willing to help others. They are great kids to be around! Congrats to these Stand-out Students honored in the lower school.

Students, faculty and staff signed the OMA Honor Pledge at our Annual Honor Assembly in September.  View Mrs. Gillispie's encouragement and explanation of The Warrior Way here

Even our Kindergarten students sign the Honor Pledge.

Viewing the Great American Solar Eclipse was truly a wonderful experience for students and faculty.  Our upper school students traveled to Unicoi State Park to view a more "total" eclipse.  What a wonderful day On the Mountain for our lower and middle school students as well.  All around, this was an amazing day for all to enjoy and learn.  View more photos Solar Eclipse Photos.

Booster Bash was great fun for the Warrior family!  Thanks to all who came out and a special thanks to Coach Barkley for his good sportsmanship in the dunk tank!  There's still time to join the Warrior Booster Club.  Contact Philip Rhyne at or Coach Barkley at for more information.

Our Theme for this year...encouraging our students to be honorable, respectful, responsible, and to take ownership for themselves!  What a great year to be here "On the Mountain!"


Welcome Back - Warriors Style!






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OMA Uniforms offered to deserving children in Uganda this summer thanks to Mrs. Elise Powers!  Wow!