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International Students

New Oasis International Education

Oak Mountain Academy has partnered with New Oasis International Education to recruit and support international students. This support goes beyond academics and includes the cultural transition support that international students need as well. All applications and tuition payments are submitted through New Oasis and not through the school. Applicants must follow the New Oasis Admission Process. If you are an international student interested in applying to Oak Mountain Academy, please contact New Oasis for more information at

Host Families

New Oasis is proud to work with families that might be interested in hosting an international Oak Mountain Academy student. We are looking for families that are able to provide their international student with a welcoming and loving home. You are asked to provide transportation to and from school as well as after-school activities. Additionally, as a host parent you will provide for other essentials at home. Students should have their own bedroom, but can certainly share a bathroom in the home. Host families are not required to have their own child at Oak Mountain Academy. In exchange for opening your home for this wonderful experience, you will receive an amazing cultural experience, a generous monthly stipend, and a mutually rewarding experience.

More Information:

​Please view New Oasis International Education by clicking here.

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International Students
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